Women: Telling It Like It Is (59 Minutes 58 Seconds)
Dr. Tom Henderson and Dr. Lacy Couch discuss issues women face, both external and internal.

Biblical Manhood (44 Minutes 48 Seconds)
Join in on a most timely discussion on biblical manhood with our special guest, Dr. Tom Henderson.

What In The World Is Going On? Anti-Semitism and Persecutions of Christians On The Increase! (32 Minutes 38 Seconds)
We welcome our special guest, Dr. Gary Dromi, who discusses current events that are impacting our lives.

Circumstances with Guest Speaker Dr. Tom Henderson (43 Minutes 13 Seconds) We're speaking of something we all have in common: Circumstances. When we are going through unpleasant circumstances, we want to throw up our hands and quit, but we can't do that. We must not give up. **Note** There is a slight buzzing throughout this audio file.

When Your Children Ask ... Help for Parents Teaching About The Resurrection of Christ 
Special Guests Mrs. Cristy Wise & Miss Cora Wise, mom & daughter share fun, practical, & spiritual activities to help your child understand the Resurrection of the Lord Jesus. Listen up for alternative to the typical (and unbiblical) Bunny Rabbits, Baskets & Eggs. NOTE: there is a slight buzzing for approx. 3 minutes at the beginning of this audio file.