• Mirror Mirror On the Wall
    What we think we see is not seen all that clearly. We can think we're shiny and polished according to what our eyes see. Imagine being magnified 15 times! Solomon is right: Beauty is fleeting! God's Word is a mirror. It ought to magnify to us what is in our heart.

  • The Sovereignty of God
    Dr. Lacy Couch teaches on the Sovereignty of God

  • 1 Kings 18 (31 Minutes and 19 Seconds)
    We have a plural society. We don't like to make a commitment to anything. It is unpopular to have a clear right and wrong. The Israels were worshipping Baal and the Living God. But God does NOT play second fiddle!

  • 2 Corinthians 5
    In this study we're going to be looking at and studying our future home. Our faith in what God has promised absolutely increases when we realize that the grave is not our home.

  • Psalm 39
    Psalm 39 tells me a lot about the Lord and about myself. What is my conduct? Why should I guard it? The Bible speaks a lot about the tongue and what is said. The tongue is the only instrument that gets sharper with use. David watches the wicked prosper and basically says, "I'm going to watch my conduct with what I say, even retrain it with a muzzle while the wicked are before me."

  • Luke 7:11
    It's a historical fact: Christ Rose From The Dead! The grave simply could NOT hold Him. Who has not gathered around the bedside or graveside of a loved one to say goodbye? This study addresses how only God can raise the dead.