Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Three Men Who Are My Friends - VIGNETTE

Three Men Who Are My Friends

These three friends can teach us a lot:

He that loves me
He that hates me
He who is indifferent to me:

He who loves me teaches me tenderness
He who loves me teaches me to be cautious
He who loves me teaches me to be self-reliant

Monday, January 27, 2014

Don't Raise Christian Brats - CLASS

Don't Raise Christian Brats
    • God set up the family because the family is the glue that holds society together.
    • The only thing you can take to heaven is your children.
    • We have a manual straight from the Lord in how to raise children.
    • The Bible is full of examples of parenting.
    • What is the difference between disciple and punishment?
    • The dangers of Ritalin.
    • How to Biblically train your child.

      Tuesday, January 21, 2014

      Lean Soul Living - VIGNETTE

      Lean Soul Living
      We've all been there. We know what it feels like to have our to have our soul lean, shallow, and weak.

      Talitha Kum - CLASS

      Talitha Kum (Mark 5)
      Today we are thinking about how we comfort ourselves and others Biblically about death.

      Monday, January 13, 2014

      Typhoid Mary, The Sequel - CLASS

      Typhoid Mary, The Sequel
      For what did Christ die? For what kind of sins? All of them. You can go to any prison system and those inside will compare themselves to other prisoners and they can always find someone worse them themselves. Out of our hearts comes sin. These things defile a man. We all have a sin nature. Where did you get yours?

      Kohath, Korah, and the Kohathites - CLASS

      Kohath, Korah, and the Kohathites
      God had a purpose for each of the 12 tribes. Levi was one of the 12 tribes and Kohath was the son of Levi. The Kohathites had a special privilege and responsibility to carry the Holy objects. Kohath had a son named Korah. Remember Korah's rebellion? This is a story about God's incredible mercy.

      Friday, January 10, 2014

      A Widow's Mite and a Widow's Might - VIGNETTE

      A Widow's Mite and a Widow's Might
      Our text is Mark 12.  What was the widow's heart? She was trusting her God to supply all her needs. Widows, in Biblical days, couldn't work.   She was a dependent, trusting woman.  Jesus makes a wonderful example to all us.

      Thursday, January 9, 2014

      My Theme for 2014 - POTPOURRI:

      My Theme for 2014
      For a number of years now, I have had a specific theme for the New Year.  Usually, in October I begin praying about two questions:  (1) Lord, what do I need to learn about you this coming year?  (2) And what do I need to learn about myself?

      Bible Reading - POTPOURRI

      Bible Reading:
      A step by step approach to reading the Word of God.