Monday, March 31, 2014


 Mrs. Mom Of Micah
What would you do if your adult son stole from you? Would you bless him upon returning the money and then buy him a corvette? Well, Mrs. Mom did even worse!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

SERIES: WOMEN OF THE BOOK - Noah, The Woman and her Sisters - VIGNETTE

 Noah, The Woman and her Sisters
The woman Noah and Her Sisters had a unique never before heard of problem. She bravely presented their issue to the authorities. 


Nahson Who? Never Heard Of Him! - VIGNETTE

Nahson Who? Never Heard Of Him!
Does God know before hand who He will use and for what purpose? Does God ever lose track of an individual? Listen to find out if Nahson was a 'nobody' or a 'somebody' in God's Disposition of events.

Mary's Song vs Amy's Song - CLASS

 Mary's Song vs Amy's Song
This is a critique of Amy Grant's song "Breath of Heaven". Do the words of this song square with Scripture? How does Mary's words and Grant's song contrast? Do their words, even remotely compliment OR compare? Think Biblically ... you will know the answer.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

What I did - What I learned - VIGNETTE

What I did - What I Learned
When you read the Bible ask yourself some questions so you can get into the characters of the Scriptures, and maybe understand a little bit more about how God helped them grow up through the circumstances of their lives and how different people intersect their lives for God's purposes. 

Just An Old Dry Stick - VIGNETTE

Just An Old Dry Stick
This is about Aaron's rod and how God made Aaron's rod come alive.  Our text is in Numbers 17.

Stay Put Until ... - POTPOURRI

Stay Put Until ...
Our text today is Numbers 9.  How easy our lives would be if we could see the cloud and fire to direct our every move, as the Jews did in the wilderness.  But that's not God's plan for you or me, we must trust His direction we cannot see.  So if in doubt, don't make a move. Pray and ask for prayer.  Talk to someone you trust.  And remember it's easier and cheaper to learn from other's mistakes.

Choose Life - CLASS

Choose Life
This is not suitable for children.  Please have them leave the room before listening.  Today I want to talk about choosing life.  This is not going to be a bashing of condemnation, nor is it going to be my finger shaking in someone's face to produce a sense of shame. It is, I pray with my whole heart, a message of hope for those who have had abortions. But I hope it is a huge red stop sign for those who might be considering an abortion.

But I'm Innocent - POTPOURRI

But I'm Innocent
We are starting in Matthew 9:9.  ... 'Jesus said, "It is not those who are healthy who need a physician but those who are sick....For I did not come to call the righteous, but sinners."

And Then What? Learning To Live For Eternity- VIGNETTE

And Then What? Learning To Live For Eternity
As we live our lives day by day a Believer does more than simply check off a day.  Every single day we are creating a record for eternity.  No day is without consequence. No moment is unimportant. What we do today will matter a thousand years from today.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Well I'm Just Going to the Garden and Eat Worms - Goodness Does Not Make Grateful - CLASS

Well I'm Just Going to the Garden and Eat Worms - Goodness Does Not Make Grateful
When we have wrong expectations we may become disappointed. Have you ever felt this way?  Others have felt this way too. Are we plugged into reality?   Come with me to Exodus 14:10.

Mount Pisgah Experience - VIGNETTE

Mount Pisgah Experience
Our text is in Deuteronomy chapter 31.  God is getting ready to call Moses home.  I often wonder what Moses thought as he was walking up that mountain. God buried Moses and no man knows his burial place today. But is that the last time we see Moses? Unless we go in the rapture, we will all have a Mount Pisgah Experience.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

If You Don’t Like The Message, Kill the Messenger - VIGNETTE

If You Don’t Like The Message, Kill the Messenger
The heat is being turned up on all of us Christians. Army Chaplains are not allowed to close their prayer in the name of Jesus.  We are being muzzled.  If people do not like the message they WILL kill the messenger. The first person to be killed for his message was Abel.

How Do I Love Thee? Knowing God - CLASS

How Do I Love Thee?  Knowing God
What does it mean to love God? How do you teach yourself or others about God?  You do not simply sit down and command others to love or obey God, do you? Of course not!  It's the stories in the Bible that make God come alive! Lets spend time with God in His Word.

Get Me Out Of Here - VIGNETTE

Get Me Out Of Here
Sometimes God leaves us to give us something better.  We are going to look at the life of Joseph beginning at Genesis chapter 40.  Remember Joseph was his daddy’s favorite. He was a good boy. When he was about 17, his brothers decided to get rid of him.  Joseph ends up being a slave.  However, Joseph had a person on whom he depended.  Joseph knew God. 

What Is This Term? Pre-Christians? - VIGNETTE

What Is This Term? Pre-Christians?
Have you heard about this term? Pre-Christians? The idea is that they are not "unsaved" or "lost", they are Pre-Christians. The way the Bible speaks of people who are not Christians is very different. The Bible says the unsaved are going to hell. If you are giving the gospel to the unsaved, to use the term Pre-Christians smacks of Universalism.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Is The Old Man Dead Yet? - VIGNETTE

Is The Old Man Dead Yet?
I was speaking to a friend of mine who lives up North and her daughter worked for a large company. The owner was ill, not expected to live. The man died, the very next day the men 'behind' him, fired 220 some odd people from their jobs and restructured everything.  Greed! Not need! There are many examples of that terrible situation.  There are examples of this in the Bible, too.

Friday, March 7, 2014

If You Want to be Depressed DO This: A Recipe for Depression - CLASS

If You Want to be Depressed DO This: A Recipe for Depression
I am not making light of depression. I know quite a few people who walk around very very depressed. I'm not a medical doctor please understand I am not telling you to drop your meds. Depression is not respecter of person and can come and go. There are circumstances in a person's life that are painful, or shocking, and people can react to that by going into a deep dark pit of depression.