Monday, February 23, 2015

God Meant It For Good (continued)- VIGNETTES

STUDY 11: All For One and One For All.  There's ONE more test to come.  Joseph will clearly see if these, his brothers, are changed men. Will they dump brother Ben to save themselves? (Genesis 44)

STUDY 12: A Day To Remember.  This is one of the greatest examples in the Bible of God's Sovereignty and Providence.  Joseph understands that his brothers indeed sold him but God sent him ahead for the saving of lives, most especially his own family! (Genesis 45)

STUDY 13: When Where Is There?  We finally know where God will multiply Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob's descendents. We are There!  Predominate is the promise of blessing to the actual fulfillment. God tells Jacob ... "There I will make you a great nation." (Genesis 46-47)

STUDY 14: A Life Time To Learn: God's Way Is Best.  Jacob has had a life time to understand that God's way is best. No deception, no 'back-room' deals. He will bless the sons of Joseph but the way Joseph's Dad was blessing them 'was evil in his sight.'  Seems Joseph had some learning to do! (Genesis 48)


Tuesday, February 10, 2015

God Meant It For Good (continued)- VIGNETTES

STUDY 8: God's Absolute Sovereignty. Joseph is now 30 years old. He is still in prison but this will change and change dramatically! Joseph had made the 'Roller-Coaster' ride from Riches to Rags.  Now he will go from Rags to Riches. What a difference a day makes! (Genesis 41)

STUDY 9: Turning Up The Heat And Turning On The Light. Joseph is about 37 years old now. He is second in command of all Egypt. Jacob sends ten of his sons to Egypt to buy grain. That is 'street-level' but God is moving His people, ever so slowly, toward fulfilling this promise to Abram in Genesis 15:13.  One must have spiritual vision to see the invisible hand of God in all circumstances. (Genesis 42)

STUDY 10:  God's Word Stands Forever, But He Uses Time And ....  Finally, Joseph sees his brothers for the first time in many years. But he must not emotionally collapse. One more test for his brothers.  Have they changed since they sold him? (Genesis 43)


Wednesday, February 4, 2015

God Meant It For Good (continued) - VIGNETTES

STUDY 4: From Riches to Rags. Joseph was a rich kid and totally loved by his dad. In a single day his life changed forever. This special one became a slave! Where is God? Does He care? (Genesis 37)

STUDY 5: Meanwhile, Back at the 'Ranch".  We know where Joseph is. We know where Jacob is physically and emotionally but there is a lot happening in Joseph's absence back at the 'Ranch'. (Genesis 38)

STUDY 6: No Matter Where I Go, There I Am.  Joseph did not 'preach' nor 'pass out tracks' telling everyone about The God of the Hebrews. No, he walked the walk.  Joseph, as well as our own focus will be directed by where we place our affections.  (Genesis 39)

STUDY 7: The Mysterious Providence of God.  It has been eleven years since Joseph was taken down to Egypt. He is 28 years old now, serving other prisoners in the prison where he was unjustly imprisoned. He is close to graduation but does not have a clue.  (Genesis 40)