Talk Through The Bible


These are about Samson, The Peter Pan Man. This is part of the series, "God Writes Straight With Crooked Lines".

Judges 13 (29 Minutes 31 Seconds)
God’s Intervention, His Promise, and His Fulfillment.

Judges 14 (23 Minutes 47 Seconds)
Playing Games with God and Man

Judges 15 (17 Minutes 49 Seconds)
Vengeance and Violence ; Self-Centered Self-Absorbed

Judges 16 (29 Minutes 28 Seconds)
Sex, Lies and No Accountability Clause


Job is doing well. All is right in his world until the bottom falls out. He has no idea what is going on 'behind the scene', but he will be tested. Job does not know himself. The contents of his heart will be exposed. A companion book to read along with this study is The Sovereignty of God.

JOB 1-5: God Will Have Broken Material (1 Hour 13 Minutes 02 Seconds) We don’t know who wrote Job. Theologians think that Job is the oldest book in our Bible. It was written approximately 3500 years ago and yet when you read it, it is so up to date it could have been written in our day.

JOB 6-7: Egos Speak - Trouble Ahead! (46 Minutes 23 Seconds) We learn lessons in this book that we can learn in no other book of God’s Word. This is like a curtain and it pulls back and we get to see behind the scenes what’s going on. Job has not a clue. Suddenly the bottom falls out.

JOB 8-11: You Are An Idiot! Second Opinion, You Are A Wind Bag! (54 Minutes 14 Seconds)
Job is still clinging to God. Whatever is in our hearts, God knows it completely. God is always good. But God is always just as well. This book teaches the justice of God in the light of human suffering.

JOB 12-17: Vetting God (54 Minutes 56 Seconds)
Job tells us his sores are oozing pus, he's miserable. He's being tried to the utmost of every area of his life. Physically he has lots and lots of pain. Emotionally he is being tried. Spiritually he is being tried. Who is accusing Job? Satan!

JOB 18-27: For I Know … My Redeemer Lives (50 Minutes 22 Seconds)
Job thinks his life is over. Sometimes things are so painful that we don’t see how things fit in God’s plan for us. We have to hang on and go by what we know and not what we feel.

JOB 28: God’s Thoughts and Decrees Do Not Belong To Man (27 Minutes 32 Seconds)
Job has to rely on his trust, his awe and reverence of God, and conduct his life in the knowledge that he cannot fully comprehend the ways of God. We will never know all the whys of God's decrees.

JOB 29-30: Ah, The Good Ol’ Days (38 Minutes 25 Seconds)
Our study is getting exciting. Buckle your seat belts. Hang on. We’re not quite there yet but we are getting very close. Job was emotionally empty and Job’s friends were no help. Job couldn’t find anything wrong with himself. His friends couldn’t find anything good. When we look at the good old days we are not looking at the present.

JOB 31: I AM My Own Plumb Line (27 Minutes 01 Seconds)
We are going to hear Job’s heart. Man has a conscience. Our thoughts can accuse or defend us but it can never acquit us. But Job did not accuse himself at all. He did not look past what he physically had done. He felt he was perfectly 'in plumb'.

JOB 32: Finally! Near To The Heart Of God (13 Minutes 55 Seconds)
Elihu knows the heart of God and it is his turn to finally speak.

JOB 33: What Is Right Not Who Is Right (44 Minutes 35 Seconds)
Job took a vow of silence and demands that God answers him. Elihu gives a partial answer to suffering and we are going to look what he said. He did not use tradition, experience, or legalism like Job’s other friends.

JOB 34: Gone With The Wind (20 Minutes 13 Seconds)
The next breath we take might be our last. We don’t know. All of the things we strive for are going to be gone with the wind. This is Elihu’s second speech. Elihu is going to speak about what is right and what is good.

JOB 35-36: Wholesome Affliction (26 Minutes 51 Seconds)
We are going to see Elihu encourage Job to see the purpose of what he is going through. Who wants to suffer? Do you want to be afflicted? Does your child want to be disciplined? We can think that everything is right in our lives, but God knows.

JOB 37: God Is In Charge (24 Minutes 37 Seconds)
Job has all kinds of trials. God never takes his eyes from us. What happens when we find ourselves under God’s chastening hand? It’s going to be good for us ultimately.

JOB 38-39: He's Got The Whole World In His Hand (33 Minutes 26 Seconds)
You would expect Job to be thoroughly impressed with God speaking to him finally. We have within our hands, God's book. Yet we can still disconnect. Job did the same thing!

JOB 40-41: Under-Whelmed and Unimpressed (20 Minutes 57 Seconds)
All Job's trials have come to a head. God has given Job a panoramic picture of God's care. God has given Job a whirlwind excursion and yet Job still refuses to speak.

JOB 42: Take God's Thoughts In Place of Our Own and Allow God to Think for Us (35 Minutes 33 Seconds)
Job finally has his priorities in place. Like Job, we have to have God's thoughts to comfort ourselves or others.

1 Samuel 16:1-13
If we knew where the roads of our lives came together, would we pay more attention? God wastes nothing in our lives. He knows what He is doing! God uses time to bring about what He has already decided to do!

1 Samuel 16:14-23
It's not WHAT we look like ... it's what we are. Our looks will fade. God looks at our inward spiritual nature. Others may misunderstand us, but God understands and loves us perfectly in spite of ourselves.

1 Samuel 17, Part One
David does not have a clue about his great calling.Saul had won many battles by God's hand, but now he is self-willed, disobedient, arrogant, and prideful.

1 Samuel 17, Part Two
This is the Story of David and Goliath. Every child who has ever sat in a Sunday School class has heard this story. But as grown up Christians we need to see more than a giant fight. We also have to look at God's unseen hand directing David's life as well as Goliath's life. It takes the eye of faith to look above the circumstances of our lives and see God's guiding hand in ALL things.

1 Samuel 18
David was the instrument that God used in His own Sovereignty. We see more and more where Saul is becoming more deranged and how David is being elevated in all of Israel.

1 Samuel 19
Saul knew the Lord was with David. Saul's mind became more suspicious and envy was the result. In this chapter we see God restrain evil.

1 Samuel 20
David finds himself to be a fugitive, proving that just because someone has a mission and ministry from the Lord that life is not a bowl of cherries!

1 Samuel 21
As far as Saul is concerned David is public enemy #1. David is on the RUN!

1 Samuel 22
This is a exciting chapter. It has high drama. There are a lot of things we simply will not understand because they are directed from Heaven. Nonetheless we have to accept what we read though we may not understand the totality.

1 Samuel 23-24
When we read the Bible we must see God's unseen eyes in all the details because God knows where He is taking each one of us. We need to remember that! David had a wonderful opportunity to kill King Saul, but he didn't. David gained victory over himself.

1 Samuel 25
David doesn't look like the 'David' we saw in the last chapter. He takes matters into his own hands. He forgot who he was. We can do that too! Something horrible comes along and we fall apart and forget we are a child of God.

1 Samuel 26
David has another opportunity to take Saul's life again and again he does not! David wrote Psalm 54 in reference to what is going on in 1 Samuel 26.

1 Samuel 27
Last week we read where David spared Saul's life. He did not touch the Lord's anointed! This week is a sad chapter in David's life. He had great control of himself, however, here in this chapter he falls into despair and fear. David is running afraid.

1 Samuel 28-30
Israel and the Philistines are going to have a huge battle. David has a HUGE problem because David is with the Philistines. David had made decisions based on his fears! David is probably in more danger than at any other time in his life.

1 Samuel 31
This book started with the birth of Samuel. It ends with the death of Saul. Samuel did not fail in his ministry; he was faithful to the end. This is not true of Saul. Saul was self-willed.

Jonah This is part of a larger study from our Trials By Design series.

Jonah's Trial: Part One
Jonah's sin did not sneak up on him. Jonah has brought on all of his trials by himself by running away from the Lord. Jonah has to come face to face with himself as well as with the Lord.

Jonah's Trial: Part Two
Jonah continues to demonstrate the three Rs of Rebellion -- to resist God, to resent God, and to refuse God.

Jonah's Trial: Part Three
Continuing the book of Jonah (chapter three). The reluctant prophet (Jonah) was called by the Lord. He went, but he went the other way. Jonah was swept overboard, but God sent a big fish to swoop him up and keep him alive. Jonah made a big vow and trusts in the Lord. Jonah is thankful and understands God supplies for all our needs. Here is Jonah's second call. Did Jonah learn his lesson?

We have a plural society. We don't like to make a commitment to anything. It is unpopular to have a clear right and wrong. The Israels were worshiping Baal and the Living God. But God does NOT play second fiddle!